Tom White VOM Child Molestation Scandal-What is the Truth?


Are the “Hidden things being made manifest”?  I held Voice of the Martyrs in such high regard, focusing on the help that was being given to suffering and persecuted Christians, and remembering the godly man, Richard Wurmbrand, the founder, I couldn’t imagine there could be anything amiss in this ministry. But since the recent tragic event of Tom White’s apparent suicide in the wake of allegations of the sexual molestation of a 10 yr old girl, many things previously hidden in plain view are coming to light. I have a strange feeling there is more to come in this case………..


At this time, I think it may be appropriate to remind the new leadership of VOM they are more than a Voice of the Martyrs, they were called to be a voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, and more than the “servants of the persecuted church”, but the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as such, their loyalty is to be to Him, 100% without any consideration of covering up sins in order to protect the ministry.
I’ve seen this happen before in churches, where sexual sin and molestation has occurred. It’s the very worst form of spiritual abuse. It has been the churches best kept secret…until now, thanks primarily to the Internet and bloggers like “Lighthouse Trails”, Wartburg Watch and others for exposing these church crimes.
Molesting a child is more than “inappropriate contact”, it’s the rape of a child’s very soul. No church or ministry is above the law, and certainly not above the law of God. Shame on the churches who are, or have been guilty of collusion and cover up in these sex crimes against children.
I have become increasingly disillusioned and disgusted in the way VOM has been dealing with this situation.
Also, it has come to light that for several years Tom White ignored repeated godly warnings that VOM was becoming increasingly and dangerously ecumenical.

My thanks to ” Lighthouse Trails” for publishing 2 posts that mirrored by own concerns about VOM.

Regarding VOM’s “Heartfelt Letter”, and an e-mail from a reader concerning the victimized little girl.

Letter to Tom White of Voice of the Martyrs, (dated Sept. 25, 2011),
From a Lighthouse Trails reader (who spent years as a missionary in Latin America) who sent the following letter to Tom White of Voice of the Martyrs and gave us permission to post this. We do so as we share this reader’s concern over the direction that VOM appears to be taking:

It’s past time churches and ministries come clean. Judgment begins at the household of God.

That said, I posted this response to a commenter, “Gordon” this morning on a recent post:

I too believe God is in this. The scriptures say that God will judge FIRST the household of God. And although VOM did not claim to be a church per se, it did profess to be a ministry based on the concept of doing the work of Jesus Christ. However, what I have noticed is that VOM has taken on certain aspects of an overly large corporation, and that being the case, there is always a danger for the those at the top, in leadership, to not receive personal, spiritual accountability and spiritual guidance from godly wise men.

Tom White was literally held up to an iconic status in his community, and VOM itself, as if those who knew him felt he could do no wrong. Man is always capable of doing wrong under such circumstances. It may very well have been that because of his stature and reputation, when he fell into temptation and sin that he felt there was no one he could go to for counsel and restoration. I am in no way making excuses for what this man did, because the molestation of a child is one of the worst crimes there can be, short of torture and murder.

See, the VOM leadership said they had no idea, they didn’t know. How can that possibly be? Holy men and women of God develop a sixth sense so to speak, of discernment. Someone should have known he was in trouble, even before a crime was committed. The only way people around Tom White in the VOM group who worked with him COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN, is that they fell short themselves and lacked spiritual discernment. This is the problem with ministries that morph over into organizations that use Jesus Christ as a figurehead. What I am saying is that there had to have been signs which many on the inside as well as on the outside of VOM didn’t recognize in time to stop this from happening. It should have been. And now a tragedy has happened.

God saw it all along, nothing escapes his eyes. VOM will be called to account to God to not try to cover this up, but to repent before a holy God and begin to do things his way, or they will suffer the loss. It’s not a matter of trying to “protect the name of the ministry in order to keep it going”, because I believe as you do, that God is drawing a line in the sand, so to speak, and is bringing judgment on all ungodliness. I have read testimony after testimony online and in posts praising Tom White, even to ignoring the horrendous sin he did. This is so wrong and God is not going to tolerate it and neither should those who seek to obey Jesus with all their hearts and KNOW what the scriptures say..and this is part of them that relates to this situation:

Ezekiel 18:24-30


24 “But when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and does according to all the abominations that the wicked man does, shall he live? All the righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered; because of the unfaithfulness of which he is guilty and the sin which he has committed, because of them he shall die.

25 “Yet you say, ‘The way of the Lord is not fair.’ Hear now, O house of Israel, is it not My way which is fair, and your ways which are not fair? 26 When a righteous man turns away from his righteousness, commits iniquity, and dies in it, it is because of the iniquity which he has done that he dies. 27 Again, when a wicked man turns away from the wickedness which he committed, and does what is lawful and right, he preserves himself alive. 28 Because he considers and turns away from all the transgressions which he committed, he shall surely live; he shall not die. 29 Yet the house of Israel says, ‘The way of the Lord is not fair.’ O house of Israel, is it not My ways which are fair, and your ways which are not fair?

30 “Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways,” says the Lord God. “Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin.”


Yes, I have heard some online say that God would receive Tom White into his Holy Presence in spite of the fact that he killed himself after he committed the sin of molesting a young girl. These people need to take the blinders off their eyes and repent of their own sin of agreeing with wickedness. “Not all our idols go to heaven”. Many LIES are being said at funerals!

Thank you for your comment Gordon. This issue needs to be talked about and preached in the churches and fellowships, because the issue of pedophilia, sexual and spiritual abuse has become nearly pandemic in the church. And I tremble at the judgment of God that will surely fall if the people of God don’t stop tolerating this, stop covering it up as if it were nothing in God’s eyes.

As for VOM, they need to come clean before God and man, and put in a council of truly godly apostles in the leadership, with full accountability to one another. Because the end, even if it appears to be a good work will never justify the means, when sin in ministry is involved.


Finally, just last night, as I looked for answers OUTSIDE the Christian community- that seems for the most part to be covering sin, to my utter disgust, I came across a secular blog, that contained a post that really caught my attention. It was from a man who said he had traveled with Tom White in 10 countries and that he knew the stories were true. He apologized for his “bad English” and went on to say that he felt Tom shouldn’t have killed himself BUT his work with VOM would never be destroyed.  I had the feeling this man was NOT A TROLL OR CRACKPOT, but that he KNEW SOMETHING!

Dee, on Wartburg Watch said recently that judgment calls may be in order. I agree, and my gut feeling is that the man who posted this had been a VOM worker who traveled with Tom White extensively, perhaps as an interpreter, or guide, and knew him on a rather intimate basis and knew the way Tom behaved away from home during his travels. It seemed that this man may not live in the US and may not have been aware there was an investigation in progress here in the US,  and a need for witnesses or those who may have had some knowledge of problems Tom may have had, since locally, VOM personal are all apparently claiming they had no idea, (which is pretty hard for me to swallow).

In any case, I’ve sent this information on to OSBI for their examination, since they would be the only ones with resources to locate this rather obscure poster who only left a nic name to go by.I hope OSBI follows up on this because the information this man has may possibly be the very thing that opens people’s eyes and sheds some real light into the insane darkness surrounding this tragedy and crime. Yes, PLEASE PRAY!







25 comments on “Tom White VOM Child Molestation Scandal-What is the Truth?

  1. marisamunro says:

    Lets not stick the truth up our arse as some churches have in the past. God was obviously very merciful to Tom White. As He always is. My heart goes out to the little girl and his family to know this is Not of God. That’s all, thank you.

  2. Victoria says:

    Scarlett – I’ve been abused and have had a sexually abused 9 year old daughter. My heart goes out to both Tom’s family and VOM. I personally meet Tom on several occassions and both of my young girls (at the time – they are both adults now) and they are both shocked and in disbelief.
    I do not want to make a judgement either way, either jumping to a conclusion of guilt or holding Tom is such high esteem as to conclude he could not be guilty. This is a tragic ending no matter how one views it –

    • Scarlett says:

      Victoria, I’m very sorry to hear that about the molestation of you… and later, your 9 yr old daughter. I’ve talked to many girls, women and a teen age boy or two who had been through the physical, emotional and spiritual trauma of sexual abuse. It leaves scars never to be forgotten. Some victims are so emotionally traumatized, it hinders their personal relationships for the rest of their lives.

      About Tom White, we are all shocked and incredulous, especially because of the position he held with VOM. But as for his guilt, it has been established and verified by the Bartlesville Police Dept, that indeed, the molestation of the little 10yr old girl was committed by Tom White.

      The molestation was also acknowledged by VOM, apparently after consulting with the police. VOM later approached the girls family after public censure about their seeming lack of concern made it necessary to make some kind of statement, or gesture of sympathy.. Understandably, VOM leadership wanted to keep this as low key and out of the public eye as possible, as did the family of the victim.

      The 13 yr old son of a friend of mine was molested during a male only camping trip, by the youth minister of the church they attended. I used to go to that church myself at one point in time as a newbie Christian believer. A few years before the molestation took place I was made aware that this “youth minister” was exhibiting some very sexually aberrant behavior. I asked an older lady who was a pillar in the church if the pastor should be informed of this and was told no, that “it would ruin the man’s reputation”.

      Finally, when the boy was 16, he told his mother about the sexual abuse. He said he’d been too ashamed to tell anyone about it before. When my friend confronted the church with this, a total denial and cover up took place. The youth minister was not deprived of his position in the church, Nor was he required to have counseling. The church seemed to overlook the fact that a crime had been committed that could have landed his abuser in prison, and the church could have been sued for allowing him to continue “ministering” to teens.
      Later on, I am pretty sure he molested and traumatized at least one other boy in that same church. The abuser died at age 40 of a heart attack a few years ago. The bitter irony of all this is that this same church continues inviting people to come join their church, and has never batted an eye, or made any attempts to minister to, or counsel the boy who was molested by this youth minister, and who has emotional damage to this day over the abuse. The reason I’m bringing this up is that this sort of thing is not at all an exception to the rule, but is more commonplace than most imagine. The world can see all this…and is justifiably disgusted by the church’s collusion and cover ups in some of these cases. The church is going to have to come clean and repent if it expects the world to take Christianity seriously.

      Thank you for your comment Victoria. God bless you and your daughters,


  3. Lisa Jackman says:

    I just learned today of the passing of Tom White through a letter from VOM. Such a tragic situation for all involved. I’ve only skimmed this blog, but I must say I am disgusted with the judgement Christians are so quick to make. How are we to determine which sins are worse in God’s sight? Moses killed a man, King David committed adultery and murder, Abraham lied, Lot slept with his daughters, Judah slept with his daughter-in-law thinking she was a harlot…and the list goes on. God uses men to accomplish His will, and we have the tenacity to believe we know where Tom’s soul was taken.

    Godly men in the ministry are the most attacked by the devil. Their temptations are beyond comprehension, and not all of them can withstand. We are not granted the right in scripture to judge his eternal destination, only his actions as a professed believer. I agree judgement begins at the house of God, and that is a warning to examine ourselves and repent. Those who are innocent and trust in the Lord have will have no fear of what man can do. None of us were there during the alleged crime or his death but God alone.

    If others around Tom knew of his sins, they alone will answer to God for their actions. True believers will humble themselves, repent for our own sins, and cry out to God to have mercy on us, NOT stand and cast stones in judgement. Then He promises to hear from heaven and heal our land, We should not be so prideful to think that we could not fall to temptation and sin. It is by the grace of God any of us can withstand the wiles of the devil.

    My prayer is that the church will not be shaken, that VOM will continue to serve our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, and that the devil will not succeed in causing us to devour one another and take our eyes off the goal…preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Selah

    • Scarlett says:

      Just FYI Lisa, no one on this blog that I’m aware of has consigned Tom White’s soul to hell. The Bartlesville police have acknowledged that White did commit a crime. You see, according to the law of the land, pedophilia is a crime, not just a sin to be bantered about with pious platitudes. Even in prisons, child molesters are the most hated of all criminals. Here we will leave the judgment of Tom White to God, and just report what we know of what happened- as well as whatever other ramifications we feel led to discuss.. What is distressing to me, when I read comments from people such as you’ve posted here, I realize that none of you have ever been sexually abused, spiritually abused and traumatized by a creepy, disgusting old man, or had a child who’s been sexually abused. spiritually abused, or traumatized by a creepy, disgusting old man.

  4. Vera calderon says:

    Alll of this truly saddens me, my prayers go to the victim, her family, Tom’s family, and VOM ministry…………………….We have a loving, forgiving and JUST GOD! Vera Cal

  5. A special statement from VOM regarding events surrounding Tom White’s tragic death posted on April 27th

    • Scarlett says:

      That was the least they could do, after going on TWO WEEKS after the original announcement. And only then after there had been a public outcry about VOM’s lack of response to the Victim and her family. Pastor Riggs, that’s pretty weak, and it’s called “damage control”.

  6. Bennett Lugar says:

    I have given money to VOM even this year and believe they are passionate about those that are being persecuted. I am shocked about Tom White and very burdened. I did go to a conference of VOM several years ago where Tom White was though. And I did not want to admit it, I didn’t care for him. He seemed very dogmatic and judgmental which many times goes along with people who have a secret life, althought that was not what I was thinking at the time. He gave out his books about being in Cuba and I went up with others to get it signed. I didn’t find him warm or approachable at all. I tried to read his book but it seemed dated and mainly about him instead of pointing to the Lord. Yes, I have to wonder about those that are close to him that didn’t see something that would warn them of if not his heinous sins, but his seemingly lack of mercy and grace of Lord toward those he met. He seemed to be haughty to me. But I know the other speakers from other persecuted countries seemed to be genuine full of the love of Christ.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thanks for your keen observations Bennett. It seems to bring to remembrance the LORD’S warning about pride, and to be meek and in humility as a little child. And also, there is that secular admonition that happens to be very true….”Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Where were those who White was accountable to spiritually, or were most of his co-workers either too star struck, and falsely holding him up as some sort of idol, or else just plain lacking in discernment, or worse still, giving consent to the wickedness of ecumenism already becoming apparent, (like leaven), after the death of Richard Wurmbrand the founder of VOM?

      If Catholics and ecumenism is involved in VOM, (and it’s coming to light that this is true), then Christians are compelled by God to stand up for the truth and not just “go along to get along” for the sake of the “ministry”, or the persecuted. God has always had a way of taking care of those who believe and trust in him a long time before VOM ever came along. The end does not justify the means in this or any other case. In other words, the lesser of 2 evils is still evil. Christians cannot serve God and mammon. I think this is the time to begin calling VOM to account to repent and become truly regenerate according to the scriptures. Will they do that? I don’t know…maybe if the public can open their eyes to the truth long enough to demand it.

  7. Bryan says:

    It’s OK Scarlett. I still am able to say what I needed to say to the world regarding your viewpoints and condemnation of a man before you have the facts. You cannot silence me just be hitting the delete button. I presume “overly argumentative” shall be defined as statements which expose your sin of condemnation before bothering to have all the facts in for what it is. For the record, I think you are probably right. I think he probably did it. All the point ever was is that we don’t know that so it is quite a bit soon to condemn him in public. You can come on over to my site and defend your viewpoints if you wish without fear of moderation. Thanks.

    • Scarlett says:

      Just because your/or anyone’s comment sits in the “await moderation” bay, does not mean that it will not be posted. It more than likely means the truth, which is, I am not locked to this blog or keyboard 24/7, good heavens! Bryan, I am not interested in indulging in doctrinal or argumentative swordplay here on this blog or anywhere else. I actually have a life, but just let me say for someone so willing to jump to the defense of Tom White in the “service of fairness, and innocence until proven guilty, etc etc etc, while at the same time having NO PROBLEM labeling my comments as the sin of condemnation, you are the one not being fair. SHAME ON YOU BRYAN.

      And so, let it be known to you, if I am to be labeled as such, then you will also have to lump Capt Hastings of the Bartlesville, OK PD and the new VOM leadership into the mix as well.
      Bartlesville Police Capt. Jay Hastings said the department is closing its abuse investigation because the suspect is dead.

      “The case is basically not going anywhere,” said Hastings, who also noted that the department’s next step is to ensure the girl receives proper treatment or counseling.

      “The child still has to deal with what’s happened,” he said. “Our main goal at this point is to make sure the family and victim get the proper services, basically.”

      Bartlesville police are awaiting autopsy results from the state Medical Examiner’s Office, whose spokeswoman said Monday that the report was still pending.

      Hastings would not say Monday if the victim was somehow involved in the ministry or how White may have come in contact with her.

      • Dearest Bryan, Scarlett & All saints: I’m 81 & am “still” in FT so-called work in God’s Vineyard (China, etc). As a youth of 16, the NAVIGATORS trained me. In my 20s I became a trainee at their HQ, eventually being sent to Singapore. My point? “Famous” Xn men would come thru to speak to the Staff & us. One? Bob Pierce, Founder of World Vision. 2 wks later, Bob Evans, the Founder of Greater Europe Mission. What amazed me? BOTH–without conferring with one another–told us the SAME thing: “There are 3 things which cause Xn leaders to FALL: #1, Wrong ambition which leads to PRIDE; #2, Ensnarement in the wrong use of SEX; & #3, The wrong use of $money. My point in this? A few yrs.later, Br.Pierce got caught seducing a young Korean girl & his wife divorced him. Bryan & Scarlett, I personally have witnessed 5-7 “men of God” “go down” because of the above 3 warnings (some are serving prison sentences). Why does this happen? They ALL “broke the Rules!!!” (which are clearly seen & outlined in God’s Word. Br. Don H.

      • Scarlett says:

        Dear brother truth4light4life, yes, they broke the rules, which are there for everyone’s benefit. I think it’s pretty clear to understand that once people get their eyes off the Word, it becomes easier to forget them and then ultimately to break them.
        Happy to hear that you, at 81 have not forgotten the RULES, and are still going strong by them.
        God bless!

  8. Scarlett says:

    Notice to posters who wish to take me to task for my posts and comments.. Don’t take it personal if I disagree with you, it’s not about you anyway, it’s about Tom White, VOM and the little sexually molested girl left behind.

    The facts are out there if you care to find the truth. From here on out, I am led to take the stance of Wartburg Watch regarding this issue, and will withhold publishing comments that seem overly argumentative or one sided, and/or show no lack of concern for this victim, and yes, even without a formal investigation, we know there was indeed a victim:

  9. Adam Smith says:

    I happen to agree with Brian; I am crushed to hear of Tom Whites death. I cannot excuse sinful behavior and if he did take his own life–then he must account for that–I never wish to roll the dice with Jesus. C.S. Lewis said that the right thing to do for a Christian if did commit a heinous crime such as murder or something else would be to turn himself to be hanged. I wish with all of my heart Tom White would have come clean and took the humiliation and shame openly rather to do what he did.

    However to blame others in ministry that worked with Tom is absurd. Most staffers raise their own support and others volunteer. We are not all knowing. VOM is very different than most mission agencies because of the type of work they do in reaching persecuted believers. VOM has had its hands in live fire situations, death threats as well as the brutal nature of dealing with hostile Muslims. That alone might make departments within the ministry have a greater focus on what they are doing versus someone planning a VBS at a local church. Tom may have been able to conceal this alleged act because of the type of work environment they are in and I dont know but this is bad all around. Also, if you want to talk about discernment keep your guns focused at many (not all) of the fools on TBN begging for money. If the world can see a “Clown” masquerading as a Christian then we can too.

    Yes VOM is big but look at their finances: It is out for the world to see and most of what they bring in goes out to the actual work of the gospel. I get their statements. Does Kenneth Copeland give you a ministry statement of where his mega millions go? How about Richard Roberts, or Hagin or the other gospel pimps who rake in millions and keep it secret. VOM is going to take a huge hit financially and that is sad because they actually minister to families in hostile nations where they have had a family member killed for the sake of Christ.

    P.S. to the person talking about Catholics–most of what VOM does goes to small evangelical churches all over the world so please back off.

    • Scarlett says:

      Adam Smith said, “P.S. to the person talking about Catholics–most of what VOM does goes to small evangelical churches all over the world so please back off.”

      Please give us the stats on that, if you can, Adam, so we can see if what you say is true.

      Also, we are not comparing apples and oranges, Copeland, Roberts, TBN….. on this blog with VOM.

      The issue is on the ecumenism VOM has been embracing and asking evangelical Christians to support. When they issue a ministry statement, theyl list Catholics as Christians in their stats. Catholics are NOT Christians. Catholicism is a cult using Christ as the figurehead, (or actually his mother).

      The fact that VOM supports legitimate evangelical persecuted believers, in part, does not give VOM a free pass to use donations sent in by evangelicals to support Catholic causes. If they are going to do this, they need to make a clear distinction in plain black and white.
      If you wish to support a cult that’s has the blood of 70 million people on it’s hands, that’s your problem to take to the LORD and see what he thinks about it, instead of demanding that we back off.

      • Adam Smith says:

        Look, first my disagreement is not personal. I have to look at a ministry that has some very solid foundations. The ministries that it does to families of ministers killed by extremests in the Islamic world is what attracted to me VOM. I AM HORRIFIED by this whole Tom White thing. I do agree that supporting Catholic causes is not what evangelicals should be about since the divide is so great. However, it is not even logical that a large portion of the rescources go to Catholic causes. Catholics may have benefited from it but we are bridge builders are we not. I mean ministry to catholics in the thrid world is evangelisim if done right. Also, I agree that the world wide Catholic church is not evangelical in any sense of the word and it is basically lost.

        So here is my last thought: It is possible that Tom White from the beginning was attracted to VOM from the beginning for the ’cause,’ and not really Jesus. We had the cold war thing going on and he got a lot of street cred from his landing in Cuba. That made him a lead candidate. Liberals do the same thing today. They hike into Iran or N Korea or get arrested 200 times for the media attention and walk into a University or College and get hired because of the media attention they garnered.

        All of this is so depressing because it does do damage to other people 4000 miles away. Also, I am sickened by the accusation because Godly men and women do not wake up at 65 and say, I want to molest a 10 year old child; this sickness was there for a while. I appreciate your passion and I am not your enemy. Born again believers should be able to disagree and part not as enemies but as family.

  10. Bryan says:

    After receiving a letter from VOM today, I became aware of the death of Tom White. I was saddened to hear of it. I was further saddened to think of all the good the ministry has done for those who suffer for Christ – now knowing that because of this, contributions will be affected which in turn will mean less help for those in need. It seems to me that this will be an unavoidable conclusion. As I read this page and others like it, I find myself being also saddened that people speak of this event and sin as if they personally know that it happened. Yet according to everything which I have read, he was being investigated for allegations. Perhaps he did do this. Perhaps he did not. How should I know? How should you? With the assumption he is guilty, I agree with everything being stated and agree that such gross sin should be brought into the light and not swept under the carpet. Even still, it is sad. I hate to see any man fall into such a sin. Many a great leaders have fallen and we should all consider our own weaknesses.
    Yet knowing no more than I do, it seems best to withhold judgment and retain a neutral stance. Just because someone is accused does not make them guilty and if we hold to this sort of ideology, God help us all when someone with an ulterior motive accuses us of some gross wrongdoing. It is not as if this never happens. Though I have never felt that Jesus’ teaching on judgment is rightly used as a defense for sin, it does have a proper application. As such, we would do well to remember that with what judgment we use, it will come back to us. Do not think to yourselves, “That is fine, I am not molesting children.” as again, none of you know for sure this happened. Rather think to yourselves, “I should expect that inasmuch as I have not even tried to consider what I know to be true or not before condemning another man, surely I will be treated the same in due time.”

    • Scarlett says:

      Bryan, In the church, where such sins and crimes have been committed, for some bizarre reason, the general consensus of opinion has been much like yours. Church people are so appalled, they go into a denial mode, simply unwilling to believe one of their own committed a crime. And make no mistake, sexually molesting a minor child,( in this case, a 10 yr old girl), is a crime, as well as a horrendous sin in God’s syes, and in his temple and against the little one who was harmed.
      So, please take the blinders off, the police knew Tom was guilty, and VOM knew that Tom had molested the little girl. VOM went to the girl’s parents for that very reason. The police had already heard the accusation and begun an investigation. That’s why Tom ran, and then subsequently committed suicide. He knew the truth would come out.
      Also, one of the first things police would do is look into the hard drive of his computer for child porn. You can bet, if this had just been some local pervert, every single detail would have been released to the media, and made public. Not so with the local PD, and Voice of the Martyrs…all of which stinks of collusion and cover up, just like we figured it would. This has happened countless times in countless “churches and ministries” and I believe God himself is getting sick of his Body being used in such a shallow, sinful manner. I have noticed one thing, that within the past few years, large ministries are being exposed and taken down, and also the churches “best kept secret”, spiritual abuse and the sexual crimes that sometimes go along with it, are being exposed en masse, and I believe God is in this. Judgment will begin in the household of God. .

  11. I think King Saul is one of the most clear examples of what happens when a person puts up a religious front of being right with the Lord in the eyes of people and continues in unrepentant sin. I hear all kind of evangelical jargon of accepting Jesus into your heart , “siding with grace,” and getting a fresh start (even though you have not thoroughly made atonement with people and God regarding your sin) but Saul is an example of how God is not a respecter of persons when it comes to rebellion and how He will allow Satan to torment you for not dealing with issues such as child molestation. Thanks for your great blog!

    • Scarlett says:

      Scriptures could be cited that Satan is just an instrument of God to bring people to repentance, as you have said.

      Passages such as in 1 Cor 3-(16 and 17), should serve as admonitions to child molesters, or anyone defiling the temple.
      16Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

      Just think of it, a person being the temple of God, and then sinfully molesting a little child in that temple…in the presence of God….
      this person must surely be insane to imagine he acted without God’s knowledge and that God is going to do nothing about it! Surely, it will be just as the scriptures say. God will not be mocked!

  12. Brothers/Sisters: I am an 81 yr.old “missionary” still going-strong by MERCY of GOD. In my 68 yrs. of being a Xn, I have personally seen at least 7-10 so-called “men of God” go the ultimate way of the FLESH!!! Although all the FACTS are not manifest yet, I DO KNOW WHY these Xns ALLOW themselves to fall into Sin! EVERYONE of them BREAK the LAWS God has laid-down for all Xns (Galatians 6:7-8). Br.Don H

  13. Pastor Wade Burleson: The Sin and Suicide of ‘Voice of the Martyrs’ Ex. Director Tom White: An Open Letter to the Young Girl He Abused

    Tom White, Abuse, VOM, and the Power of the Internet

  14. Scarlett says:
    Home » News » Local News

    12:05 pm – May 03, 2012 — Updated: 12:06 pm – May 03, 2012
    Police: No word yet on cause of death for late VOM director

    By Tim Hudson

    Bartlesville Police Department officials say it could take months to receive an official cause of death for former Voice of the Martyrs Executive Director Walter Thomas “Tom” White.

    “As far as the death investigation goes, only the State Medical Examiner can answer that question,” BPD Capt. Jay Hastings told the Examiner-Enterprise. “They will complete an official report on Tom White’s cause of death; this sometimes takes three to six months.”

    Hasting said it is likely that the State Medical Examiner’s Office will be waiting for toxicology reports.

    “The Bartlesville Police Department can’t release or comment on another agency’s report,” he said. “When that report is complete, I believe it is public record.”

    White was found dead the morning of April 18 at the VOM complex, located east of Bartlesville, after he was reported missing the night before. Court records obtained by the Examiner-Enterprise showed that White had very recently been accused of molesting a young girl and authorities had launched an investigation.

    Hastings said reports into that investigation will not be made public.

    “That will not be released and that is a closed report at this time,” he said, noting that only one document, a “warrant for order” seeking White’s cellular phone location, was filed at the courthouse. That has been made public and was reported in the E-E.

    Founded in 1967, The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization that assists the persecuted church worldwide. White had served as executive director of VOM for more than 20 years.

    White spent 17 months in a Cuban prison after being captured by Cuban authorities when the plane from which he was dropping Christian leaflets crash-landed on a Cuban highway in 1979.

    White authored a book about his imprisonment, “God’s Missiles Over Cuba.”

    (Note: Up to 6 months, huh? That should be just the right amount of time for a new round of “Dancing with the Stars” or some other Church of the Matrix favorite to focus on).

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