You Can’t “Out Sin” the Grace of God according to Calvinist Charles Stanley


Dan Corner Charles Stanley Debate on Calvinism:


A man who’d been a friend of mine before I was saved,  recently died. I was deeply grieved when I heard this news, as I wasn’t sure whether this man was saved or not. Although he did many good deeds during his life, he always debated with me about coming to Jesus in repentance. He would say t hings like… he’d backslide if he came to Jesus,  because he had an anger problem and would just as soon bust people in the head if they crossed him and did something bad that he didn’t like.(And he had that reputation….. that one didn’t want to mess with Johnnie)!

Oh, there were other tell-tale things that caused me concern about his salvation. One was that his wife was a Catholic, and he’d promised her father when they got married that he’d always take her to Catholic church. He kept that word even though he didn’t like the Catholic doctrine and rituals. He’d always say he’d left $20 in the plate, as if that made everything OK with Jesus.And too, he didn’t seem to recognize or understand that it was more important, in fact crucial, to obey God, instead of one’s father in law.

One of his famous lines was that “he was karma”, meaning that he would reap revenge on anyone, that in his opinion was doing something bad to mistreat someone else. Not realizing that it’s God’s job to do that, not his or ours. I also knew that he had a drinking problem that had become chronic and highly addictive which ended up controlling his life and health. I’m pretty sure that was a contributing factor in his early death.

Finally, and this is the point I’m getting to….one of his objections to my pleading and witnessing to him about coming to Jesus in repentance was the infamous cliché, “once saved always saved”, as if that was the end of the matter and settled his account with God. You see, he and I both knew that he’d had the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a teen, and God had indeed worked mightily in his life. But there it was…that OSAS heresy that in his mind and in the minds of many others, that make sin an option and repentance an option.

Here is an excellent resource I came across that spells out the false doctrine of Calvinism in a clear and concise way. I hope it will minister to you as you seek to bring the truth to others about “eternal security” and the outlandish doctrine once saved always saved. 

Jesus bless you!




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