Leaving Church & Finding Jesus

The more I study this phenomenon of spiritual abuse, apostasy, and the reasons good people find to leave the church they may have been part of for many years, the more I find that there may not be any single reason, but perhaps, instead, a variety of reasons. However, the one basic thing that stands out, is that those who come out are those who are seeking truth, (not backsliding, per se), and haven’t found the truth of the gospel of Jesus in the institutional, organized church.

To me, the very fact that those of us seeking truth and not finding it in “church” constitutes spiritual abuse on the part of the church system. And if truth no longer is being presented in the form of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, then it’s apostasy, a falling away from the pure faith once presented to the saints, as it was in the early church.

I have my own personal story, and like many others, after being born again, I had accepted the “traditional” view, that one ” must not forsake the assembling together”. The translation to that is that one must join with a bunch of other Christians in whatever denomination or fellowship of choice, inside a building, and then “be there” every time the church is open for business.

And make no mistake, it is a business, if the church is signed up with the government, (state), and has opted for a 501C3 tax exempt status, http://hushmoney.org/501c3-myths.htm ….then, as man made tradition in the US organized church goes, one can then pay illegal “tithes”,http://www.nomoretithing.org/nmt_links.htm   to support the church, pay the pastor, (never a paid position in the early church), and the various and MANY expenses of running a business and paying for a building where people are commanded, (by Nicolaitan leadership to meet), etc. ( More on this set of  indoctrinational intrusions into our personal spiritual liberty in Jesus later in another post perhaps). But for now, let’s look at some of the reasons God has brought good people out of the organized church. Something to think about….

God brought this woman out of church so that she could find him…and then he began to teach her the true meaning of “being born again”, and serving him. A personal case study we can learn from:


I’m praying that many others will get their own eyes and ears opened to hear the truth, and seek Jesus Christ through his Word, the Bible, and prayer, being led by the Holy Spirit. I believe the LORD will lead his people to Truth, and as they abide in obedience, he will lead them into fellowship with true believers, other disciples seeking his liberty and truth.

7 comments on “Leaving Church & Finding Jesus

  1. amongtheforgotten says:

    Hello Scarlett. I’ve watched this a few years back but I liked the refresher even more. She kept saying, “only God can and could do that” (as to one’s eyes being opened) and we all agree! We do need to continue to pray for the few true saints still bound there and the many who have never heard the real truth of the gospel, let alone a right application o these truths.

    • Scarlett says:

      “She kept saying, “only God can and could do that” (as to one’s eyes being opened) and we all agree!”

      That miracle of spiritual rebirth is something that is a mystery; the world doesn’t comprehend it. And those many in church need to have their eyes and ears opened as well. As Paul Newman said to Sally Field, “Things aren’t always the way you think they are”. Thus, those saints still locked into church indoctrinization and man made doctrines, haven’t as yet perceived spiritually that this is a dead horse they continue to beat. We shall continue to pray for them.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Likewise Angela. As I’ve followed your blog, it does appear our experiences have much in common. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done on your blog to raise spiritual awareness.

  3. Angela Wittman says:

    Hi Scarlett, I’ve been reading your blog and it appears we have had similar experiences in our walk with the Lord. I’m glad to have met you here at WordPress. 🙂 I appreciate your work.

  4. Mia says:

    Dear Scarlet
    Thank you so much for publishing this. I remember the day I heard Jesus’ voice to get out of the church system as I was wondering what I should teach these kids for I didn’t even know Jesus myself. I was teaching Sunday school. I went through 3 more denominations before I quit completely, but have learned very much in the process about all the different denominational deceptions going around. It is just shocking what is being taught about Jesus, just horrible and all the spiritual abuse doing the rounds.
    Much love XX

    • Scarlett says:

      Your experience is so similar to my own when as a very young mom, the church I’d been going to asked me to “teach” Sunday school. Teach? Teach them what? How to make little walnut shell sailboats filled with wax, and a toothpick stuck into it for a mast, and a paper “sail” cut out and glued on? And other such useless nonsense. Not once did anyone in this church teach me or give me any guidelines. I was not even taught in church that it was necessary to pray and study the Word of God for myself, let alone, these small hungry, impressionable minds. Isn’t that pathetic? I really didn’t know!

      I was so unlearned, I was the last person that should have placed in charge of a bunch of 4 and 5 yr olds. I didn’t know how to be taught of the Lord myself, or even how to teach my own kids. Looking back on it, I am appalled that this “nice little church” could have been so clueless. In the end, I bailed out myself, rightly believing there was nothing to it, but wrongly believing there was nothing to Jesus either. I backslid seriously for many years, until our Redeemer, in his mercy rescued me. Praise Jesus!
      Just think of all the beautiful buildings erected in Jesus name…..but He’s not in them. They are just as vacant as that empty lot full of weeds and trash that exist in our city that we pass by.

      That, in essence, is indeed spiritual abuse.

      Thank you and bless you for the precious comment,


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