Church Bullies and other Spiritual Abusers

How sad…the stories of bullying and spiritual abuse go on and on and on. I have thought and prayed about this issue many times, and have come to the conclusion that the root of the problem has to lay in the thing that Jesus said he hated, “The doctrines and Deeds of the Nicolaitans”, in the book of Revelation.

Long story short, where the “clergy”, (pastors, preachers, teachers, elders, and others in leadership roles), lord it over the “laity”, (sheep) in the household of God. How does Jesus regard that, when he told his disciples to be servants, not overlords like the gentiles?
The doctrine and deeds of the Nicolaitans began manifesting early on in the Body of Christ, and was “perfected”, so to speak, in the Roman Catholic church. However, even after the Reformation, this practice has continued in churches across the West, and in the United States to this very day. I would say that nearly 100% of the organized church operates under the Nicolaitan system, and as a result has become apostate as a result. Apostasy has been described in scripture as the “falling away”. Falling away from what?….Fallen away from the True Church, the called out ones, The Body of Christ, who’s head is supposed to be Jesus. The Church that was set up in the Book of Acts, after Pentecost, with the congregation taking part in the assembly under the five fold ministry.
When something, in this case, the church, has established itself under a false leadership, instead of having Christ as it’s HEAD, aberrations such as spiritual abuse, bullying, power grabbing, assuming preeimmence an “Absolam spirit”, fear, control and manipulation, and all other manner of heretical practices eventually manifest and spoil true worship in the household of God. These things should not be.
What can be done, “if the foundations be destroyed”? After doing much prayer and study, I’ve personally come to the conclusion that the “apostate, fallen away, Nicolaitan churches”, cannot be reformed by personal effort, they can only be abandoned.
Jesus Himself, eventually pulled me out of the fire of these churches, (after teaching me the pitfalls through experiencing it for myself). I am further convinced that the admonition, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees” was and is, Jesus warning that this leaven exists in churches everywhere, and indeed, we should be aware of it and avoid it, “lest we be partakers of their sins…and their plagues”. By remaining in such places, we only tend to prop them up and “legitimize” them by our presence. Those who become accomplices, by trying to stay in the system and correct it, even by enduring spiritual abuse and bullying, do so at their own peril.

This is for your discernment. If you have been hurt, bullied, or otherwise spiritually abused in church or by someone in church, pray about it earnestly, and ask God if He truly wants you to remain in such an atmosphere.

And may the peace and grace of God be with you~


2 comments on “Church Bullies and other Spiritual Abusers

  1. Scarlett says:

    That is the issue, my friend, the Nicolaitan type “leadership” in these institutions has created a barrier, a chasm of separation between themselves and the laity, (common sheep), that Jesus never intended. The pulpits of organized religion have been taken over by hirelings, and the church is no longer the Bride, but the Harlot.

  2. This is a good post. You know, I have no idea how to even speak the same language with these institutions anymore. The communication barrier alone makes impossible to even try to reform institutions that rely heavily upon conveying vision through “leadership,” “submission” and “spiritual covering.”

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