Church Discipline…Here we go Again

Many people are wondering why church discipline is suddenly such a hot topic. Do you think it just might have anything to do with Mars Hill, and Mark Driscoll? Well, maybe. But the fact is that church “discipline” in one form or another has been in effect since the early church. Unfortunately much of it was not done scripturally, but based on many other factors, one of which is the churches best kept secret, spiritual abuse in the form of shunning….. disfellowshipping done based on unscriptural carnal reasoning.

I think we are going to be hearing much more about this in coming weeks and months. I personally am very glad to see the churches taking a good, hard look at their practices concerning church discipline.

 In my opinion, I believe mainstream Christianity as practiced in America needs a serious overhaul. Some have even sceptically referred to it as rearranging the furniture on the Titanic. That may be an overworked phrase, but sadly, there is a general depression of authentic Holy Spirit fire in the churches today, and all too much of what is presenting itself as strange fire, a zeal not after true biblical knowledge.

Check out some of the latest from Wartburg Watch…..and ask yourself, or the leadership in your church what the policy is concerning church discipline. The answers should be very telling.  Just stuff to think about, very serious stuff.



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